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Since 2019 Futurithmic has been bringing you the real conversations with real change makers who are imagining a tomorrow powered by innovation.

Futurithmic is now Real Conversations.

In our Real Conversations podcast, we bring together experts to explore how technology innovation can help solve the most critical challenges facing business, people, and the planet today. Join us and discover how we can realize the full potential of digital.

Apr 29, 2021

Smart telecom providers are embracing the concept of “cloud-native” when deploying 5G. But Nokia’s Jitin Bhandari tells our Michael Hainsworth there’s more to next generation wireless than moving to the cloud. Learn about what’s needed beyond cloud-native, automation’s four pillars and the capability to use...

Apr 15, 2021

Like the famous psychologist’s theory, telecom companies strive for self actualization. But how can CSPs elevate themselves to capitalize on Industry 4.0 in the 5G era? TL Viswanathan, Nokia’s head of product management, believes companies need to do some soul searching if they’re going to succeed.

Apr 1, 2021

The growth potential for the cloud under 5G relies on Business to Business to Everything. If we're to find the next big thing, telecom operators need to partner up and be flexible. AWS’s Amir Rao knows that the next killer app requires CSPs to recognize their role in this new ecosystem.