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The Futurithmic Podcast is hosted by Michael Hainsworth, veteran news reporter and lifelong geek. He'll be talking with some of the influential people of our time who have or are directly impacting our future, including Galit Ariel (AR futurist), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia Founder), Rory Sutherland (Ogilvy Vice Chairman), and more.

The podcast is part of an overall publishing network, found at, and is an editorial independent Nokia original. 

Futurithmic's editorial mission is to explore the implications of emerging technologies on society, business, politics and the environment of tomorrow. We aim to inform and inspire through thoughtful research, responsible reporting, and clear, unbiased writing, and to create a platform for a diverse group of innovators to bring multiple perspectives.

Jul 22, 2021

What are the underlying forces that will disrupt the status-quo? Amy Webb explores the trends that CSPs need to be watching in this podcast.

Jul 8, 2021

The threat surface will “explode” as IoT drives the factory of the future and smart buildings. Gwen Beauchemin warns us not to underestimate the risks.

Jun 21, 2021

The age of Augmented Reality is getting closer, but before the explosion in demand for devices, services, and software, there must be a catalyst. Catherine Henry, SVP of Growth at MediaMonks, says that 2 billion people will be using AR within the next year. Will 5G be the “killer app”? Listen to the podcast from Nokia.

Jun 10, 2021

The Smart City of the future is being built today. But as foundational as 5G will be, it’s true power is unleashed when it’s combined with the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing – and good User Interface design. Telecom analyst Chris Lewis says we have a unique opportunity to build the...

May 27, 2021

A change is in the air for bands performing at concerts. Sennheiser is experimenting with 5G for its ultra-low latency at live audio productions. Dr. Jan Dürre tells our Michael Hainsworth why the future may be crystal clear for performing musicians, giving concertgoers a reason to get up out of their seats and cheer.