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Since 2019 Futurithmic has been bringing you the real conversations with real change makers who are imagining a tomorrow powered by innovation.

Futurithmic is now Real Conversations.

In our Real Conversations podcast, we bring together experts to explore how technology innovation can help solve the most critical challenges facing business, people, and the planet today. Join us and discover how we can realize the full potential of digital.

May 27, 2021

A change is in the air for bands performing at concerts. Sennheiser is experimenting with 5G for its ultra-low latency at live audio productions. Dr. Jan Dürre tells our Michael Hainsworth why the future may be crystal clear for performing musicians, giving concertgoers a reason to get up out of their seats and cheer.

May 17, 2021

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day marks the founding of the International Telecommunications Union in 1865. But since 1969, it has also celebrated the advances the industry has brought to society. Our Michael Hainsworth looks back at the last 50 years, and also to the future, with the ITU’s Doreen...